Fountain Benialí

font beniali
Since 1957, this beautiful figure of the Virgin rises in honor of Mary Cortel, from which emanates, all year, pure and clear water of the Vall de Gallinera.

font beniali figura font beniali acequia

Moorish villages

poblados moriscos

We can meet the traces left by Moorish, they were forced in 1609 to abandon their homes and fields cultivated for more than eight centuriesWe will see the remains of castles guarding the valley and the tiny terraces with dry stone embankments, that were raised laboriously on steep mountainsides.

Barranc de L’Encantà

barranc de l'encantà

Barranc de L’Infern

barranc de l'infern barranc de l'infern

La Foradà

la foradà

Watching every movement in the valley, always attentive, always on top, La Foradà reigning shown to occasionally give images to the history, history of our valleys.

la foradà noche

la foradá

Church of Sant Miquel

iglesia Sant Miquel

Parish Church of San Miguel, Benisivà.

recently were found recently important paintings of the seventeenth century that we see on our visit to the church.



A little more than 15 minutes, we found so nice beaches like, where we can enjoy the sea as if it were paradise, since they are protected beaches where all you see are the water, dunes and native vegetation. Also, if what we want is something party,we find very good deals on the beaches of Oliva, Gandía and Denia, where you will find pubs, clubs and establishments of all kinds.


Cherry collection

May cherries.

recogida de cereza
At this time it is when spring delights us with precious fruitThe fauna seems uproar and people dedicated exclusively to this fruit so delicious.

cerezas flor cereza
March the best time of year, the time of the cherry blossom.


In Benisiva or 5 minutes in Benialíwe can enjoy exquisite delights.

  • Restaurant El Raval, author cuisine. 966 406 656.
  • Restaurant Sabors, tasting menu. 966 406 646.
  • Bar La Placeta, tapas and homemade food. 966 406 570.
  • Restaurant Ta Casa, rice and tapas. 696 406 648.
  • Bar La Font, specialty meats. 966 406 525.
  • Bar Nou Tarrasó, homemade meals and a variety of tapas.
  • Bar L’ Aplec, wide variety of tapas. 966 406 510.
  • Restaurant el Jabalí. Specializing in wild boar.

arrós amb cirera

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