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la foradàY, viéndole don Quijote de aquella manera, con muestras de tanta tristeza, le dijo: Sábete, Sancho, que no es un hombre más que otro si no hace más que otro.

Todas estas borrascas que nos suceden son señales de que presto ha de serenar el tiempo y han de sucedernos bien las cosas; porque no es posible que el mal ni el bien sean durables, y de aquí se sigue que, habiendo durado mucho el mal, el bien está ya cerca.

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La Solana

Spacious room, invaded by warm sunshine.

The bathroom in this room has everything you need to make your stay perfect.


100 € / night

La Foradà

Every corner of this room, affable and charming. Every corner in abundance directed outwards.
Every corner is your corner.

The detail is our philosophy, because we know it‘s the little details that better appreciated.

Has a full bath.

Typically in our rooms, rustic accessories, precious furniture, that will make you feel closer to nature.


100 € / night

L’ Albureca

A ray of light reveals in the morning, the sun fills us up in bed, singing one swallow does not stop, it’s time for courtship, she will continue in their attempt.
From the top you see the whole valley, from the highest feel and live every movement, every detail. You enjoy your stay.

It has a fully equipped bathroom.



100 € / night


Room with double occupancy which allows us to have large space in the lower zone and a room on top.

The amplitude of this room is such that we can enjoy our own living room, where will our senses ready for any pleasure imaginable.

We can see the staircase gives access to the spacious loft that this room is composed, where we enjoy moments of true intimacy.

The spacious bathroom with outdoor light offers great possibilities for our stay in this room is the most comfortable possible.


2 persons: 115 €

4 persons: 145 €

El Misserat

Within its walls detail escape, calm, harmony. Within its walls spends his life, the best of life. If you are within its walls do not make more plans, you got what you wanted.

It has a bathroom to our style, always with everything that you need to make things easy.


100 € / night

El Colomer

Flirty room located in the top of the house where stood an old dovecote, overlooking the mountains and the small square.


85 € / night

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